UK Registration Tour

We are pleased to introduce the

Elite Foals UK Registration Tour

A new opportunity for British breeders in 2018!

The Elite Foals Registration Tour has been developed to simplify the process of registering foals in the UK, for both studbooks and breeders, while encouraging quality sport horse breeding in Britain.

The tour will allow you as breeders to benchmark your horses against the others presented, helping you to improve and refine your breeding programme.

Bringing together several different studbooks, both British and European, a variety of foals can be registered at once - this will be a unique opportunity for you to register all of your foals on one day, with the option to choose the right studbook for each foal. 

The tour is supported by the AES, SHB(GB), Breeders Elite, SPSS, WBS(UK), KWPN, Oldenburg, British Hanoverian, and British Rhineland studbooks.

Impartial, expert advice on choosing a studbook will be freely available prior to the tour, helping you to find the studbook that best suits you and your foal. There will be a Foal Registration Q&A session at the Stallion AI Services Open Day  on the 21st April 2018, and there is an in-depth guide available online.

The tour will visit 11 locations in the UK throughout August, from central Scotland in the north to Devon in the south, with all the venues already confirmed, and including some of the UK's largest and most prestigious sport horse studs.

The foals will also compete for qualifcation to a national championship in September, where substantial prize money will be on offer. The top foal in each discipline and the top pony at the final will receive a £5000 cash prize, and the total prize fund will be in excess of £40,000, rewarding British breeders for their tireless dedication and commitment. 

To download the information pack, click here